A transaction’s error_code value can be null (for successful transactions) or one of the following for failed and declined transactions.

Core failures

Our system can decline or fail a transaction, in contrast to a connector or payment service rejecting the transaction. When this happens, one of the following error codes can be set as the error_code value.

incomplete_buyer_approvalOccurs when a buyer approval redirection times out, this normally means the buyer has closed the redirect page/popup without authenticating
failed_buyer_approvalOccurs when a buyer fails to authenticate through 3DS.
missing_redirect_urlOccurs when a transaction requires a redirect but was created without payment_method.redirect_url
flow_declineOccurs when a transaction is declined by a Flow rule.
all_attempts_skippedOccurs when a transaction fails because no outcome in the matched Flow rule could be used to process the transaction reliably. To avoid this, make sure to define at least one outcome for each possible transaction scenario.

Connector declines

When a payment service rejects or fails the transaction the following error_code values can be set based on the response received from the payment service. The original values received from the payment service will be available in the raw_response_* fields of a transaction record.

The amount column in the tables below specifies the amount that can be used to simulate the error_code when using the Card simulator connector.

error_codeDescriptionSimulator amount
canceled_payment_methodThe payment method reported lost, stolen, or otherwise canceled.200001
disputed_transactionThe transaction cannot be refunded due to chargeback.200002
duplicate_transactionThe transaction is a duplicate of a previous transaction.200003
expired_authorizationThe authorization has expired.200004
expired_payment_methodThe payment method has expired.200005
incorrect_billing_addressThe billing address does not match the account.200006
incorrect_countryThe country code was rejected by the service or issuer.200007
incorrect_currencyThe currency code was rejected by the service or issuer.200008
incorrect_cvvThe CVV was incorrect.200009
incorrect_expiry_dateThe expiry date is incorrect or the payment method has expired.200010
insufficient_fundsThe amount exceeds the available balance on the payment method.200011
issuer_declineThe payment was declined by the issuer.200012
other_declineThe transaction failed for an unknown reason but may succeed if retried.200013
requires_buyer_authenticationAdditional credentials were requested by the issuer, for example, the security code (CVV).200014
refused_transactionThe transaction was refused due to legal reasons (e.g. watch list, embargo, sanctions).200015
service_declineThe payment was declined by service.200016
suspected_fraudThe service flagged the transaction as suspected fraud.200017
unavailable_payment_methodThe payment method is temporarily frozen or otherwise unavailable.200018
unknown_payment_methodThe account is unknown.200019
unsupported_transactionThe payment method does not support this type of purchase (e.g. gambling is restricted).200020
unsupported_payment_methodThe payment method is not supported by the service (e.g. card scheme is not supported)200021

Connector failures

error_codeDescriptionSimulator amount
insufficient_service_permissionsThe service credentials lack permission to perform the requested action.300001
invalid_amountThe amount not supported by service.300002
invalid_payment_methodThe payment method is not supported by the service (e.g. card scheme is not supported).300003
invalid_service_configurationThe service is incorrectly configured.300004
invalid_service_credentialsThe service credentials are not valid.300005
invalid_service_responseThe service response could not be parsed.300006
invalid_tax_identifierThe tax identifier is invalid (e.g. GB VAT number is in an invalid format, or is of the wrong kind).300007
missing_billing_addressThe billing address is required.300008
missing_cvvThe CVV is required.300009
missing_shipping_addressThe shipping address is required.300010
missing_tax_identifierThe tax identifier is required.300011
refund_period_expiredThe refund can not be performed due to the refund period expiring.300012
service_errorThe service reported an internal server error or upstream processing error.300013
service_network_errorThe service was unreachable or experienced a timeout.300014
service_rate_limitThe service responded with a rate-limiting error.300015
internal_errorAn internal error has occurred.400001
invalid_billing_addressThe billing address is invalid.400002
invalid_operationThe service/method is not implemented, and operation is not supported for this request.400003
invalid_request_parametersThe one or more request parameters are invalid.400004
invalid_service_requestThe service request could not be parsed.400005
invalid_shipping_addressThe shipping address is invalid.400006
service_resource_conflictThe service could not create a resource due to a conflict.400007
unexpected_stateThe service is configured in an unexpected state.400008
unknown_errorAn unknown error occurred.400009
unknown_service_resourceThe resource could not be found by the service.400010
unsupported_countryThe country is not supported by the service.400011
unsupported_currencyThe currency is not supported by the service.400012