A transaction’s status value can be one of the following depending on the state within the system and the status within the used payment service.

processingThe transaction record has been created in the system and is now being processed with your payment services.
buyer_approval_pendingThe transaction was created but needs approval from the buyer either by redirecting them to a hosted page or their bank for 3DS.
authorization_succeededThe transaction has been successfully authorized but not yet captured.
authorization_failedThe transaction could not be authorized with any payment service due to technical issues or limitations of the payment service.
authorization_declinedThe transaction was declined by the payment service.
capture_pendingThe transaction has successfully been submitted for capture with a payment service and is now pending with them.
capture_succeededThe transaction has been successfully authorized and captured.
authorization_void_pendingThe transaction authorized transaction is in the process of being voided.
authorization_voidedThe transaction was successfully authorized but has since been voided before it was captured.

State diagram

The following state diagram serves as an overview of all the different status values and how they relate to each other.

Separate authorization and capture

Transactions where the original intent is authorize.


Direct capture

Transactions where the original intent is capture.