Our platform offers the capability to forward stored information from the Cloud Vault with third-party services. These external parties do not have to be directly integrated into our platform but they do need to be PCI-compliant to receive raw payment data.

POST /vault-forward
host: api.acme.gr4vy.app
content-type: application/json
x-vault-forward-url: https://example.com/endpoint
x-vault-forward-http-method: PUT
x-vault-forward-payment-methods: b77fef6d-c360-4b42-8f70-d884f4a6852a,1ca3fe71-7782-4f00-9b0e-c250b365bef1
x-vault-forward-timeout: 10

    "cards": [
            "number": "{{ CARD_NUMBER_1 }}",
            "expiry": "{{ CARD_EXPIRATION_DATE_1 }}",
            "cvv": "123"
            "number": "{{ CARD_NUMBER_2 }}",
            "expiry": "{{ CARD_EXPIRATION_DATE_2 }}",
            "cvv": "234"

Typical examples would be external processing services, such as booking systems, reservation systems, order management systems, or any other systems that need card details to fulfill a business process. Other examples include loyalty and rewards programs that need full card numbers for card-linked offers.

The Vault forwarding service can be used to provide an API integration to any service that requires PCI card data, without putting the merchant in PCI scope.

To use Vault Forwarding please follow the next steps.

  1. Enable Vault Forwarding for the API you want to connect to
  2. Use the Vault Forwarding API to send PCI data to the target API