Before you start

It’s recommended that you first install the commercetools integration in a development commercetools environment which is an exact copy of your live store. After you have verified everything is working properly in your development environment, you can safely install the integration in your live environment.

Integration Marketplace

The Gr4vy commercetools integration is available for free in the commercetools Integration Marketplace.

Install the integration

The installation and setup of the Gr4vy commercetools integration requires several different modules.

  • Merchant Center Custom App
  • Extension Module
  • Notification Module
  • Setup Module

You will also need to integrate Gr4vy Embed with your storefront application. Example code for how to integrate Gr4vy Embed with the default commercetools storefront is provided.

Documentation for installing and configuring each of the modules listed above is included in the GitHub repository for the integration.