To successfully import your tokens, please encrypt the import file using our PGP public key and send it to the provided GCP signed URL.


Merchants must encrypt the token file before sending it to us. A suggested approach to encryption is using GnuPG interface that can be used to encrypt files using PGP public keys.

Please refer to the GnuPG documentation to learn how to add our public key to your keyring and how to encrypt your token file with our key.

File Transfer

When you request a token import we will provide you with a Google Cloud Storage signed URL. This will allow you to upload files to us directly via HTTPS.

Sending to this Google Cloud Storage signed URL can be accomplished in a variety of ways described in this Google Cloud storage guide.

For example, using cURL this request would look something like this.

curl -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' --upload-file tokens.csv.gpg google_signed_cloud_storage_url

In this example, google_signed_cloud_storage_url is the URL we would have provided you, and tokens.csv.gpg is the name of the encrypted token file.