To allow for a smooth import, we have created a template that can be used for a generic token import from your current payment service to our system,

These templates: card template non-card tokens gift cards can be downloaded and saved as a .csv file. Not all fields are required for minimum import, but we recommend sending as many fields as are available. This sample file provides an example of how this file can be populated.

Our import process will not modify your token file, if column data is not truncated the record will be treated as a failure.

Column Definitions

ColumnRestrictionsMinimum LengthMaximum LengthDefinition
audit_reference_idRequired, unique200An ID for this row that we can use for logging and audit purposes.
merchant_account_id22The merchant account ID that resources should be created for. This defaults to default.
buyer.external_identifierRequired, unique200An external identifier that can be used to match the buyer against your own records. This value needs to be unique for all buyers. See Buyer creation for more details. Must be unique.
buyer.display_name200A unique name for this buyer which is used in the dashboard to give a buyer a human-readable name.
buyer.billing_details.email_address320The email address for the buyer.
buyer.billing_details.first_name255The first name(s) or given name for the buyer.
buyer.billing_details.last_name255The last name, or family name, of the buyer.
buyer.billing_details.phone_number320The phone number for the buyer should be formatted according to the E164 number standard.
buyer.billing_details.address.city100The city for the address.
buyer.billing_details.address.country2The country for the address in ISO-3166 format.
buyer.billing_details.address.line1255The first line of the address.
buyer.billing_details.address.line2255The second line of the address.
buyer.billing_details.address.postal_code50The postal code or zip code for the address.
buyer.billing_details.address.state255The state, county, or province for the address.
buyer.billing_details.address.state_codeThe code of state, county, or province for the address in ISO 3166-2 format.
buyer.billing_details.address.house_number_or_name255The house number or name for the address. Not all payment services use this field but some do.
buyer.billing_details.address.organization255The optional name of the company or organization to add to the address.
buyer.billing_details.tax_id.kindThe kind of tax ID. See API Docs for this field’s accepted values.
buyer.billing_details.tax_id.value 50The tax ID for the buyer.
payment_method.numberRequired (card)1319The credit card number, without spaces or any other formatting.
payment_method.expiration_dateRequired (card)The credit card expiration date, formatted as a string in the MM/YY format.
payment_method.scheme_transaction_idRecommended100The latest scheme or network transaction ID for the card. This is required to enable subsequent MIT transactions for this card without requiring the buyer present.
payment_method.external_identifierRequired200An external identifier that can be used to match the card against your own records.
payment_method.tokenRequired (non-card)The non-card payment method’s token.
payment_method.payment_service_idRequired (non-card or gift card)The Gr4vy payment_service_id for the token or gift_card_service_id for the gift card.
payment_method.methodRequired (non-card)The non-card payment method’s method.
gift_card.numberRequired (gift card)1619The gift card number, without spaces or any other formatting.
gift_card.pinRequired (gift card)1The gift card pin.
gift_card.currencyRequired (gift card)The gift card currency in ISO-4217 format.
gift_card.expiration_dateRequired (gift card)The gift card expiration date in ISO-8601 format. Leave empty if gift card doesn’t expire.